Saturday, December 23, 2006

One down, three to go.

Gabriola Island Ferry, originally uploaded by Buffett Jr.

Last night, I broke the news (about my school and travel plans for the next year) to my mother and step father. I would say the whole thing went fairly well, although I think my mom has some strong reservations. Even when I was talking about business school a year ago, she was never happy with the idea of me leaving a great job in a great career. My stepfather Mario was excited, as I expected. He is an MBA from Berkley, so he has always encouraged me to take a look at business school.

Overall, I'd say things went about how I expected. Strangely, I think my father-in-law is going to be the most excited out of anyone. He is probably the only parent who would actually encourage us to take a three week trip to Kyrgyzstan (which I am currently considering, by the way). I'm not really sure what my father and stepmother will think. I guess they will be excited for me but don't want me getting killed in Africa.

Well, nothing to do but roll the dice and see how it goes.

Today's picture, by the way, was taken from the front porch of my father-in-law's vacation home on Gabriola Island in British Columbia.

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