Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Over the hill, and wussing out.

christmas3000, originally uploaded by ♥ mercy.triumphs.judgment.

Well, we wussed out on knocking out family number three during Christmas Eve at Sarah's grandma's house. There were just too many people, and too many things going on. I think we'll talk with her mother and grandmother later on in a more subdued environment.

The next morning though, we talked with my wife Sarah's father and stepmother. Her dad seemed to be excited (and who knows, maybe will even come with us to Africa). Sarah's stepmother had the same worried look that my mother did. They're worried about us dieing in Africa. As it stands, I am looking at Tanzania, which is very friendly as far as African nations go, although I acknowledge it's not quite on the level of a suburban neighborhood outside of Dallas in terms of safety.

Up next is Christmas #4 with my father and stepmother.

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