Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Commanding Heights

--If the first part bores you, please skip to the middle of the clip and at watch the segment on mining.--

I go through a lot of documentaries. A lot. Most of them are alright, but every once in awhile, I run into something so wonderfully edifying that it knocks me on my butt. This clip is from one of the most amazing documentary series that I have ever seen. It is entitled "Commanding Heights," and is a three part series that in essence explains how the 20th century was largely a battle of economic ideas.

This, is a clip from the series, which talks about poverty issues in third world economies -- and it just so happens that they use Kilimanjaro, Tanzania as the example. I hope PBS doesn't mind me culling the clip...and then posting it on YouTube. If this clip interests you and you'd be interested in the series, you can actually watch the entire thing online for free, courtesy of PBS.

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