Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Severe Footprint Conditions

So I haven't actually been to work yet this week. Yesterday was MLK day, and today the city of Austin is shut down because of an "ice storm" that came through last night. I call it "severe footprint conditions" because enough ice and/or snow has come to create an entire footprint when you walk -- not that anyone will because they will all be huddled inside. I thought my Alaskan friends would get a kick out of that. I borrowed the phrase from comedian Bill Engvall when he was talking about Texas once:

Lord, don't let it snow in Texas - shut - the - state - down!... And here comes Wally Weatherman: 'Up to an inch of snow is coming to your area! We urge you to go to the store, steal food, horde gas! If you are an elderly American, you WILL NOT make it through this storm. An inch of snow folks, enough snow to make a foot print is headed towards your area!'

Tomorrow, we will be closed at least until 10 am, and possibly all day. Thursday is the only full day I will work, and then Friday is my early day off followed by yet another three day weekend (my fourth this month). Maybe I really am crazy for leaving a federal job.

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