Monday, February 26, 2007

Classes for summer school all squared away.

So I think I figured out which classes I will be taking this summer, and I'm really excited. I will be taking "Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations," and "International Business and Global Economic Systems" (which is basically just a world economies class). I mentioned how much I loved the documentary "Commanding Heights" in an earlier post, and this is pretty much going to be Commanding-Heights-the-class so I'm very excited. I love the idea that my job is to study these things that I have been studying on my own in my free time (that I used to have) anyway. I still need to figure out which dorm I'm in, but other than that we are good to go.

I almost ended up taking a class on the Indian and east Asian economies entitled "Economic Development in India and East Asia," but the professor is a Professor of Economics, Emeritus, from the Indian Institute of Technology -- and frankly that school scares the hell out of me and masochism has never really been my thing. I remember watching a chat between Warren Buffett and Bill Gates once, and Bill Gates said that if he could hire from only one school on the planet it would be the Indian Institute of Technology. ITT is itself an interesting case study. They are the machine behind a massive brain drain of smart people from India to America. ITT creates very smart and hard working people who then come to the United States to benefit our country with an education funded at the Indian taxpayer's expense. But, that's another discussion for another time.

The Inspector General (appointed by Congress) is visiting our office tomorrow and I think a few folks are on edge. I had better get to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm still trying desperately to catch up on my classes after falling behind while trying to study for the Series 65. Speaking of which, did you noticed that the market took my advice, panicked, and sold off after I released the news that I am Series 65 licensed? The biggest sell off since 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! You and the blog are an inspiration. Am planning to go to Harvard Summer School this June.

Just a correction. It's IIT and not ITT :)

An Indian and a wife of an IIT and IIM alumnus