Friday, February 9, 2007

My classes have begun.

Whoa, time is really flying...I didn't mean to go eight days without posting.

My first two classes have begun for my masters program. I am taking two classes online so that I can keep my job for an extra six months before I head to Boston for summer school. Harvard's online distance education system is pretty slick. I can watch the lectures as they happen live (actually with an eight second delay) and e-mail questions to the in-class TA, who will then read them out loud to the professor as if it were a regular student in class asking the question.

My first two classes are:
Internet Marketing E-120
Managerial Accounting ACCT E-120

So far so good. There have been problems getting the marketing book published in time, so thus far my marketing professor has had to post the chapters online for us for free. Since I just spent $100 on my accounting book, that was welcome relief.

There are are currently 27 kids sitting in the actual managerial accounting classroom, with another 20 or so attending online from all over the world. My professor said that the number of people actually in the classroom will dwindle throughout the semester as those kids figure out that they can just attend the class online themselves. Considering that I am sitting here in the middle of a lecture in my pajamas with my cat on my lap - and that I just silenced my professor with a pause button to take a break to post here - I can see why.


Sam said...

Haha, that's what I do with my HES classes as well. The freedom of attending classes anytime, fast forwarding and rewinding as I wish is a major bonus.

Btw, really interesting and informative blog. It's a good read.

Anonymous said...

Do you know know if the master in management can be finished online? And if not, can the courses be completed during the summer time? I live in new jersey and the trip to campus would be about 4 hrs but the program sounds really good. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Rick said...


No, you cannot finish the Master's in Management entirely online. You need to come to campus for some of your classes. I believe only the Master's in IT can be done entirely online. You can take classes during the summer school and have them apply towards your degree though (which is what I'm doing).