Sunday, February 11, 2007

Returning from the Empire State.

It is 9:30 pm now, and I have about two and a half more hours of studying until I go pick up the missus from her trip to Manhattan. I have decided that distance education may be the greatest thing ever. I can come to class whenever I want by loading up the lecture videos -- which means that I can postpone all of my classes until I have a free Sunday afternoon.

Right now I would say I am just barely treading water -- and the volunteering hasn't even begin in earnest yet. The worst part of the whole thing right now is studying for my SEC Series 65 license, which I need to have for my investment company to be fully functional. Once that is over (scheduled for Feb. 20) things will get much better. Its not that the material is too difficult, its just that it is one extra straw on the back that I have to deal with -- plus I am resenting the hell out of having to study some the stupid concepts being tested, which I have fundamentally disagreed with since I was 14 and feel a good investment adviser would be better off not knowing. The nice thing about this test over the GMAT though is that the score is not really important. With the GMAT you are striving to be in the top X%, but with the S65, as long as I get 70% of the questions correct, I pass.

So for tonight I'm going to finish up reading for my classes, then get back on studying for the test, and then look into obtaining visas for our trip to Tanzania.

I was also supposed to write a stock analysis article for the Motley Fool, but I decided to go play football for two hours instead. I think that was probably the correct decision as it helped clear my mind, and it was good to get out of the house for the first time this weekend. I'll write the article tomorrow night.

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