Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sarah is in NYC.

My wife Sarah is in Nieww Amsterdaam this weekend (New York city), visiting one of her friends that is currently a 2L at NYU Law. Sarah has fallen in love with with New York (as predicted), and has been calling me several times a day encouraging me to apply to Columbia Business and NYU (Stern). She does have a good point -- both of those are top ten business schools and have great recruiting relationships with the bulge bracket investment banks on Wall Street, and Columbia is of course where my hero Warren Buffett went some 50 years ago to get his Masters in Finance.

I've begun the first of an eight part documentary series on the history of New York city from PBS, and it is entirely fascinating. It is amazing to think about New York city as the capitol of the world -- after all when it was founded at the dawn of the modern age, London and Paris were already 1,500 years old. Rome and Beijing...2,000. Jerusalem 4,000.

I am currently getting the documentary through Netflix, but you can buy the updated post September 11th version on Amazon.

Okay, I had better get going. Barack Obama is about to make his historic presidential announcement, and I'm watching the live webcast onilne (has an announcement ever been webcast before?). After that, it is back to studying.

Miss you, Sarah.

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Sarah said...

Aww! I missed you, too! But, seriously, we need to move to New York!