Friday, February 23, 2007

Went to the Austin rally for Barack Obama

Sarah and I jogged down to auditorium shores today and checked out the Barack Obama rally. I took a the point-and-shoot along and managed to get this close.

I spoke with Senator Obama briefly at the Texas Book Festival a few months ago while I was getting some copies of his book signed, but today I was just one dot in a crowd of 20,000. Senator Obama is on the Senate Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs, so as a member of the Inspector General's office I had done some work for a project that was presented to Congress and was specifically requested by Senator Obama. I mentioned this briefly when I got my book signed, but didn't get to snap any photographs.

This event was supposed to be held at the Gregory gym at UT, but after receiving 8,000 requests for tickets in the first week they decided they might want to find a new venue. Apparently 20,000 people showed up despite the rain and approximately 200 parking spaces in total.

Austin Rally, 2/23/07, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

My head is famous. Specifically, the back of my hair and my left sideburn are famous. I went to blog that first picture from my Flickr page, and forgot all about Senator Obama's Flickr page. I checked it out and found a picture with the back of my head (the one with the sunglasses on the top of my head, and Sarah's head next to me looking off in some obscure direction as usual. She just likes to look at all the people. I'm convinced I could set her down in a crowd about anything, and as long as there are people to stare at she'd be happy.

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Sarah said...

No fair!!! I was trying to look, but it's not like I can see over anyone's head anyway!

But, yes, I do like to people watch. :)