Thursday, March 22, 2007

Added Google ads, did well on accounting mid-term.

On the side of the page (and also at the very bottom) you'll notice that I added Google ads to the blog. The content changes along with the posts, so right now it says things about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I get some money for impressions, but I get big money for click-throughs, so while I certainly don't encourage click fraud, if anyone should find anything interesting on the ads, don't be shy about clicking the links! That money will go towards our African charity trip.

Nothing much new to report today as I was studying all night and morning for my accounting mid-term, which I think I nailed. The distance testing process was painless too.

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Anonymous said...


Way to go - you have a natural ability for accounting, so this is no surprise. I love your website. Thanks for keeping it up to date - I love being able to keep current on all your activities! :)

Love you,