Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Airplane tickets purchased, trips are official.

I just dropped another $5,000 on nonrefundable international airfare, so we can consider our trips to London and Kilimanjaro to be official at this point.

That was one of the most complicated processes I have ever been through on a computer -- and I'm a mainframe programmer. Kenya Airways had a couple of flights listed that don't actually exist, yet they infect every possible travel site on the net. Trying to guess which flights are real became impossible, and I ended up calling in to talk to a human. The total time I spent looking at flights (including holding time) before completing the purchases was around four hours.

We will be leaving Dallas on August 23rd so that we can get into London on August 24th. Our connecting flight then leaves London later that day to arrive in Kilimanjaro on August 25th. We're flying Ethiopian Airlines to Tanzania, with a layover in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We fly back to London on September 21, which is the day after we finish climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. We then stay in London for the rest of the semester and fly back to Dallas on December 21 through Virgin Atlantic, with two days to recover before Christmas eve. Piece of cake!

On the plus side, that gives me lots of time to edit my pictures and have cool multimedia shows setup on our trips by the time we get back. The Apple Mac Book Pros have a power cord that plugs into airline seats so you can have your computer powered up during the whole flight (I'm looking to buy a Mac Book Pro soon).

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