Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Alaska plans changed, trip shortened.

My friend Mike and I are going up to Alaska in late May. We've had to shorten the trip a bit though because my final exams got in the way. We are now flying up on Saturday May 26 and will be flying back on Monday June 4.

This is actually probably a good thing, as it preserves some of my annual leave which I can use to take off from work on select days to help me stay caught up on school work. Things are a bit harder than I had anticipated. I'm hoping this next week on sick leave will help me get caught up for good, but I don't know how much work I'm going to get done while on painkillers from my wisdom teeth surgery.

Anyway, Mike and I are flying in to Anchorage, and as of right now the plan is to take a road trip down to Seward, and then hop a ferry over to Kodiak to see the island and wildlife. Then, back to Anchorage and maybe up to Denali National Park. I haven't worked out all the logistics just yet, but that's the general plan. Expect a whole lotta pictures to show up on this blog, and on my Flickr site, which is where I store most of my photos.

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