Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Business trip delayed, hired by the Motley Fool, interview with Yahoo

My business trip to DC was delayed until Monday. I was able to reschedule my accounting mid-term and will be taking it tomorrow. I took the day off today to study for it.

Big news for me, the Motley Fool called me last weekend and discussed stepping up my writing. They are now assigning me a few companies to exclusively cover in addition to the other ad hoc writing I do, and they want me to start writing more, with a minimum number of articles written every month. This is great news for me! This is in essence the perfect job for my plans over the next three years because it is so flexible. I can write whenever I feel like it, and since this is done over the internet I can work from any country in the world. It doesn't matter when or where I travel. I can sit at a cafe in Spain and "work." If I am too busy (as I am this week), or I am in Africa, then I simply don't send anything in. I couldn't ask for anything more perfect. This will be a nice supplemental income since I am leaving my full time job soon.

Also, I am being interviewed by Yahoo today for some feature they are doing on Warren Buffett. I will have more details and a link later. I'm guessing they are going to publish it for the 2007 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting, which is now six weeks away. I'm going again this year (third year in a row).


Sarah said...

wow! how did yahoo decide to interview you?

Rick said...

They saw my pictures on Flickr of the annual meetings (

and wanted to do a story that mentioned people using Yahoo! services (and Flickr is owned by Yahoo!).