Saturday, March 17, 2007

Domestic airfare purchased, no turning back now.

The rest of the airplane tickets (the domestic tickets) were all purchased last night, so we are finished buying our non-refundable plane tickets. It is nice having that out of the way, but let's hope everything runs smoothly from here! I'll be moving to Boston on June 23, and coming back on August 18th to help Sarah pack up for the move to London. I will also be back in Dallas for a few days on August 4th for a wedding. Any other time I encourage people to come visit me while I am living on campus. I hear that Boston has one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations in the entire country so I can't wait for that. I bet that would be a great time to visit.

My wisdom teeth are still hurting a bit, but the pain is lessening. I ran out of pain killers last night and had to make an emergency call to the doctor to ask for a new prescription. I felt bad for paging him on a Friday night...but then I remembered he charged me a not insignificant four figure sum for an hour and a half of labor, at which point I didn't feel bad for calling anymore.

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