Saturday, March 24, 2007

My campus at Cambridge

I just realized I don't think I mentioned where I will be going to school in England this fall. I know that I said I'll be going to Cambridge, but both the University of Cambridge and Oxford are made up of a lot of smaller campuses they call "colleges," which is a little different than how the American universities are usually organized (probably because ours aren't 900 years old). I may have to travel to a few different places depending on the classes I choose (this summer), but I will primarily be at the Homerton College campus (pictured above). It looks beautiful, and there is more info available on their website.


Sarah said...

Maybe you should try to take classes at my college so we can both get on campus housing! :D

Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see you there and to tour this historic college! We're so proud of you.

Love you,