Friday, March 23, 2007

We busted an Anchorage VA employee

A VA employee was charged with theft of Government funds after a VA Fiscal Service review and VA OIG investigation revealed that for over 4 years the employee embezzled approximately $163,000 from a VA agent cashier's office in Anchorage, Alaska.

I'm going to be working on building Citadel's website this weekend. Another wild and crazy Friday night for me.


Anonymous said...

You did not BUST anybody , the cashier had turned himself in. After doing it for so long and not knowing whom to tell or what to do He had sat in his truck with a pistol pointed at his chest ready to end it all.... He was ready to take his life becauese could not handle the shame and disrepect that he had put on himself and his family...... Um matter of fact is he turned him self in and Via phone call to his boss conffessed to all charges. He had to tell the VA how it was done and where to you busted know one he turned him self in so get the facts right....before you post......... good idea uh

Rick said...

Where do you think those charges came from?

Anonymous said...

The charegs came after he turned himself in. At the time the VA had no idea any money was missing he had to go through the records to show them where the funds had been taken from. I also know for a fact that he as been forth right with them in the investagtion. And if you really want to know some other facts in this matter I looked up a report from the OIG in a reveiw that they did in 2001 and it states that the cashier had to remind the the head office at the local VA that they where over due on many of the quartley audits of the cashiers office. The aduits are to be done randomly every 90 days, but the report shows that there where laps int the adutis from anywhere from 112 -223 days. I have talked to the person in question and I do know that he takes full and all fault for what happened. If there was anyway that he could have chaged what took place, and if he could have walked away from the job at anytime before any of it took place he would have. he also feel full remores for what he did. I also know that the charges did not come from you..... So why do you try to take the credit for them???