Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alaska Itinerary

My trip to Alaska is still a month away, but I thought I had better post the itinerary so that Alaska family can plan accordingly. I will link back to the post just before I leave:

May 26, 2007:
Day 1: Arrive in Anchorage at 11:20pm

Day 2: Rest and recover in Anchorage all day, show Mike around town, dinner with family

Day 3: Drive to Seward in early morning, hike Exit Glacier, hike up to Harding Icefield (strenuous, 8 mile round trip, 3000 ft climb), spend the night in Seward, AK

Day 4: 6-hour Kenai Fjords Glacier Cruise, visit the Sealife Center, wander around town, spend night in Seward, AK

Day 5: Relaxing drive back to Anchorage whenever we get up and feel like it, stopping for photography along the way (4-5 hours), rest in Anchorage, AK.

Day 6: Get up whenever, leave for Denali (Mt. McKinley) in afternoon. 4-5 hour drive, stay in Denali.

Day 7: Denali National Park Shuttle Buses into park, all day trip, hike through Denali, stay in Denali.

Day 8: Drive back to Anchorage, relax.

Day 9: Visit in Anchorage with family, relax, say goodbyes

Day 10: Leave Anchorage at 6am June 4 2007


Anonymous said...

You are going to have a great time. In Seward, there is also Mt. Marathon (even I have climbed it) and its base is in Seward. Back in my day, it took me 6 hours to climb up and down.

Have a WONDERFUL time and watch out for bears!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

soo ... remember when i said ide be here? hahahha ... yea .... well ... yea. - Joel