Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lake Havasu pictures are up.

I finished uploading all the pictures from the Lake Havasu trip...some 400 of them. You can view them at my Flickr site. If you want to watch them as a slideshow, just click the slideshow link in the upper right hand corner. If you hover over the top of the slideshow, you can change the timing to something faster - like two seconds - or jump ahead to other photographs. If you take the mouse off of the slideshow, you get fullscreen shots.

I'll be giving away the full resolution copies on DVD to every family that was at the trip. For Alaska people, I will just bring the DVDs up with me next month (wow, only a month!).

Also, be sure to scroll down this page for my other posts of the trip wtih imbedded photos.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job, son. You are THE PHOTOGRAPHER in the family!! Way to go!!!