Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sarah finished her vaccines

We made it back from a family gathering in Lake Havasu City this week. I hope to get all the pictures up online in the days to come as I get caught back up with things.

I actually needed to make a few revisions to my 26 page strategy analysis on Netflix for one of my classes and ended up sending it in through airport wifi as I walked towards the plane holding my computer like a pizza. It finished sending just in time as I walked up to the ticket counter...I was the last one to board. I'm glad the Vegas airport has free wifi.

Following my earlier doctor's visits, Sarah got the last of her shots the other day. She is now safe from malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, and two types of hepatitis. I think we are all set with pills and shots. We just have to remember to take our Malaria vaccines two weeks before we head out to Africa.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, son! I would love to read the paper if you want to shoot Mario and me a copy.

Anonymous said...


Why not just cancel the Tanzania trip????


Koala said...

Hi Rick,

Fell across your blog while browsing the web. I just started a journal today and will also be climbing Kilimanjaro in 2008. For this year, looks like Half Dome and a marathon in Italy. Oh, and a friend of mine invited me to climb Denali in 2008 - but I don't do snow very well! I look forward to reading about your trip - cheers!

Anonymous said...

You could possibly get more donations if you would send you Netflix analysis to those who donate. Just a thought.