Monday, April 30, 2007

Storage space secured (I think)

I called somewhere in London today that I think (hope) is close to Heathrow and secured a storage space for our luggage. We plan to drop a bunch of things off on our layover to Kilimanjaro. This will also be a welcome break from what will otherwise be 23 hours of flying.

The phone number I dialed was 18005696993917722411330011442081930850.

Yeah. That is the ATT number which lets me enter my calling card number (changed for blog) plus the international dialog code, the country code, and then finally the rest of the phone number for the storage place. It is some 38 digits long.

I also wrote my first article for the Motley Fool in a long time. They have been expecting articles from me for awhile, but I have had to brush them off (as much as I didn't want to) because I just couldn't come up with the time. I had forgotten how much fun writing can be and I think I wrote a decent piece. I'm going to be doing a lot of "Takes" now, which are just 200-400 word takes on earnings announcements and small news events. They aren't as much fun as my 1200 word commentaries, but they require much less time and still pay pretty well. After my full-time job ends, I hope to write more commentaries as well.

Also today, someone messaged me through Flickr saying someone wanted to do a painting of one of my pictures from Gabriola Island. I gave them the rights, and they agreed to send me a picture of the completed work, which I will post up here it is received.

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Sarah said...

Neat! Can't wait to see the picture!