Sunday, April 15, 2007

Volleyball and icecream.

20070415-IMG_4954.jpg, originally uploaded by Buffett Jr.

We thought about heading to the lake today, but it was a bit cold and windy, so we decided to stay on dry land. We started out the day with a great breakfast and then headed down to see the London Bridge. Yes, strangely Lake Havasu City has the entire original London Bridge that used to cross the Thames. A developer bought it, took it apart, moved it piece by piece, and rebuilt it over a man made lagoon.

After this we had a rousing game of volleyball. Brienna got smacked in the face with a hard spike, Sarah got a bruised thumb hitting the ball, and aunt Carol broker her finger.

20070415-IMG_4974.jpg, originally uploaded by Buffett Jr.

After volleyball we ate a huge amount of ice cream and then went to bed semi-early in preparation for lake day.

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