Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Falling in love all over again

It's happening again. I am rekindling my love of Europe. Just preparing for my trip reminds me of what it was like to walk the streets of Paris or bike through Belgium a year and a half ago. There is so much culture and history. I'm thinking seriously of living there after business school. London has resumed its place as the financial capitol of the world anyway, taking the title back from New York under the Bush Administration. I think this upcoming semester abroad will really be a small window into whether I really want to spend a few years in London after an MBA program.

I may even just get my MBA in England, actually. I feel fully confident in applying to both Cambridge and Oxford, and their MBA programs are one year rather than two. We will see how it all unfolds -- it is too early to be making those decisions.


Anonymous said...


I LOVE the idea of an one year program at Oxford or Cambridge.

What a great idea!

Love you,

Sarah said...

darn... i was hoping you were going to say you were falling in love with ME all over again :)