Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finished with school! Alaska, you're on deck.

Oh, what a relief. When I started out this year, I figured this semester would be the toughest five months of my life, and I was right. A full time job plus two classes at night plus my job writing for the Motley Fool plus getting my investment firm up and running plus planning our international travels for the second half of the year plus volunteering 40 hours per month was all too much. I had to curtail the volunteer job, cut back the Motley Fool writing to only a few posts covering the Berkshire meeting and one article, slowed my work on Citadel to a trickle, and only completed the international planning that was absolutely necessary.

The point though, is that I made it through the hardest part of the next three years. It is all downhill from here. School is finished, and all eyes now turn to my well-deserved photo excursion to the mother land. My friend Mike and I leave for Alaska this Saturday. (Yes, wasting no time. I have left school for the semester, and in just four weeks I will be leaving my job forever (and two of those weeks are spent traveling about Alaska). I must admit I can't shake a certain myopic feeling at the prospect. I'm sure it is for the best. I know it is.

Lets get it started.

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Anonymous said...

You are going to have a wonderful time. The mother land? What a great place to be able to call mother land, eh?

Have fun!

Love you,