Monday, May 14, 2007

Got passports back(!) getting new paychecks(!)

The good news just keeps on coming around here. Sarah finished her last exam on Friday and starts her first day of work today. She's excited but nervous, I think. I'm mostly just excited to see a second paycheck around here for a change. I keep kidding her about "finally pulling her own weight around here." She's now a 3L -- just

Also, I actually got our passports back today. I couldn't believe it, what a relief. I had to send them to the Tanzanian Embassy in New York along with $100 to get a visa. I had to include a self-addressed and pre-stamped envelope, which means I couldn't do tracking or send it certified. In other words, I had to just send my passports through the U.S. Mail and hope they came back. What a relief to have that done. We officially have our visa's for Tanzania and Zanzibar.

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean Zanzibar? Are you going somewhere in addition to Tanzania??