Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Interior

Today was unbelievable. We paid our dues with the rough whether in Seward and were rewarded heavily today with many rare sites.

At one point, I commented on how strange it was to see a group of dall sheep down in a valley instead of up in the mountains, and how perfect that would be for predators. Not two minutes later, two wolves came out of the brush. They were hunting.

I had never seen a wild wolf in all my years in Alaska, so I was nearly beside myself watching this hunt. The last I saw, the herd ran up into the hills with the wolves close behind.

We also lucked out with the mountain. Mt McKinley is so big that it has its own weather system, and often you can be standing at the base of the mountain and not see it. Over the course of the entire summer, the mountain will be visible perhaps 10 to 15 days, so you usually go not expecting to see it. We were so very fortunate to be able to take a rare photo like this.

Among the other animals we ran into were the arctic fox and the Toklat Grizzly, which is a beautiful blond subspecies of grizzly.

Later on in the day, Mike and I decided to do a little mountain climbing and ran into a big herd of female dall sheep with their babies.

On the harrowing bus ride back (along the very edge of the mountains) we had a small rock slide start right next to our bus. We looked up, and saw two male dall sheep fighting!

We also ran into a sow grizzly and her cub. They are born gray and gradually turn blond over the course of a few years.

On the ride back into town, we were treated with great roadside views of Mt. McKinley, but were not so lucky at the gas pump.

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des said...

Hi. I live now in Seward for the summer. It's my third summer here. I'm so impressed of Alaska. I would be very glad to be advised by you where to go around Seward. Please e-mail me at
What kind of camera you made those pictures with? They are amazing!