Monday, June 25, 2007

All set.

Yesterday I learned that Harvard Square is a place where old men bring battery-powered lanterns to play chess on a Sunday at midnight. I love this place.

Yesterday I also took care of all the little loose ends. I got my ID, met all my house mates, got cleared at health services for all the vaccines one needs to live on campus(!?) and got my "book" -- which is a 30 page spiral that costs $65, can't be returned, and can't be bought or sold used. In my nostalgic mood over these last three years I had forgotten about that little scam and how angry it used to make me. Now it's just funny.

I also signed up for a million extracurricular classes. Muscle conditioning, indoor cycling, ballroom dance (yes), something called "power yoga," and intramural basketball, volleyball, and football. I also signed up for several trips, like the JFK museum on Saturday and Chowder Fest on Sunday.

...hope I'm not actually expected to study at some point.

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Anonymous said...


great website Rick!

I'm from Europe and I am still hesitating to come to Summer Session II to follow the International Business course... (found your website doing a search on the summer school) it's nice to read about your experience... you'll have a great time in autumn at the University of Cambridge (UK) too: I studied there, it's the best university in the world ;-)

Have fun at Harvard,