Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back to normal, please.

I'm doing much better tonight. I'm anxious for my new class to begin tomorrow so that I can return to some semblance of normalcy. The class is called "International Business and Global Economic Systems."

In other news, I'm a big fan of the One Campaign, which seeks to make extreme poverty and global health a key component of bipartisan foreign policy, and they sent me an e-mail package recently to found the Harvard chapter of the group -- to my disbelief, one really does not exist. I'm going to be looking into this heavily tomorrow, and perhaps I can get something going here.

Speaking of global health issues, I've decided to stop into health services tomorrow to get a blood screening for HIV and Hepatitis C after what happened last night. Because of the scrapes on my arms, I had blood from five different girls mix in with my own. While the risk to me is very, very low of contracting HIV, there really is no reason to avoid taking the precaution. Screening is even anonymous and free at Harvard. I'm not worried. I've done research on HIV, and it turns out that it is actually a difficult virus to contract. The public is better off NOT knowing this information...but for example if you were to share a syringe with someone infected with HIV, your chances of contracting the disease yourself are still one in 300. So like I say, not worried, but it is the prudent thing to do.


Anonymous said...


Per your request, I won't call. But, if you have not had the innoculations for Hepatitis, it is a good idea. I wouldn't just get checked for it, I would ensure I have the innoculations to protect against contracting it in the future. You may have already gotten it when you got shots to prepare for Africa? Same with a meningitis innoculation?

I can't believe what happened.

Thank God you helped those young ladies and that you all are safe.

Liquid bandaid is the best for protecting wounds against bacteria and for fast quick healing. I REALLY recommend it.

In our thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Good thing to get checked Rick after those heroic acts.