Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bizarro World

Last night, I stepped into a parallel universe. An alternate reality that has yet to revert to the world I know. It began with the aforementioned Harry Potter freakshow. At 12:05 am the streets were littered with people in costumes all reading the same book because they couldn't wait the time it took to walk home. Talk about a cult of personality -- I thought the rapture had taken place and I had been left behind.

Today, I was sure of it.

I went home to research (as I normally do when traveling) the place I was to visit today -- Provincetown/Cape Cod. I went to the town's official website, and found it a little strange that the official video would be so full of drag queens, but whatever. Upon arrival today, I found out that Provincetown is a place so gay, it makes San Francisco look like Huntsville, Texas. The girl I went with and her gay male friend were having a grand old time, while I quickly came to realize that aside from my roommate, I was the only straight man in a 30 mile radius. It was quite a spectacle to behold. I have heard that around 2-3% of America is gay, and I always wondered where those two to three million people were. The answer is Provincetown.

The town itself was quite charming; just another small beach town with local shops and restaurants. I probably shouldn't have gone since I had gone to Martha's Vineyard the week before and they are basically both just similar small beach towns, but it was fun to lay out on the beach and take a deserved break today. It just felt like the second alternate universe of the day.

I thought coming home would mean a return to my familiar setting, but instead I found myself wandering through the the third alternate universe in 20 hours -- the 1930s.
It turns out that they were still filming the Denzel Washington movie on campus. Apparently, it is about some African-American debate team that beat Harvard 70 years ago or something. All I knew was that I wanted to get into the dining hall for dinner, and it was surrounded by 1,000 people from the 1930s. The clothes didn't bother me so much, but everything was from another time, right down to the hairstyles. It was a fun scene, but by now I thought I was on drugs. I'm supposed to go out tonight for a friend's birthday party, but I'm scared to leave the house. I can't handle anymore surprises this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm touring some mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. Should be fun!

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S.S.Stone said...

This post made me laugh! You're such a gifted writer with your decriptive narrative of the days's like you're living a "comic strip" of sorts.Thank you for sharing.