Friday, July 6, 2007

The Cradle of Liberty

What better place could their be to celebrate the birth of a nation? Today was long, but it was amazing.

Mario and I started out the day at the world's coolest subway station. The Old Statehouse is where the legislature used to meet before the Revolutionary War, and the lower left corner of it is actually the exit point of the subway. After climbing out into the street, we heard a reading of the Declaration of Independence from the the very same balcony where it was first read more than 225 years ago.
After the reading came a parade which lead the crowd right down the street to Faneuil Hall. My favorite part was the fife and drum band.

I also really liked the volunteers, who fired muskets just as fast as they could reload them (gave you an appreciation for how long you were left vulnerable during a battle).

Inside, we heard a great speech about the history of Faneuil Hall.

We then moved on to the Old North Church, climbing the exact same steps up the bell tower that Robert Newman ran when he hung two lanterns at the top to warn Charlestown that the British were coming by boat across the river as a backup in case Paul Revere was captured. We also saw a crypt underneath where 1,100 Redcoats were buried after they lost their lives at Bunker Hill.

We finally ended the day on the Harvard Bridge watching a spectacular fireworks show with the skyline in the background and the Boston Pops Orchestra playing live. I wish I had time to put all of my pictures on Flickr, but I have my first mid-term on Monday. I'm thinking I might need a study break later in the day, but we'll see.


Sarah said...

I love your fireworks picture! Somehow, my pictures didn't come out the same on my camera phone...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, son! Wish we could have been there.

Happy Birthday, America!!!


S.S.Stone said...

You took some really great particular, the firework display..very nice!