Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I finally hit the river today, getting up this morning to go sculling on the Charles.

These sculling boats are skinny. I'm turning here -- you can see that the left oar is working while the right is just flat in the water.

I've decided this is a much cooler way to have "back day" at the gym.

My coach on the right. Nothing like training with national champions.

This is Weld Boathouse. I have the good fortune to be living at Kirkland House, which is just one block away.


Sarah said...

Well, we'll just have to start calling you "Buff Man."

Sarah said...

And who took all the pictures of you?

Mario said...

Hey, Buddy!
How come I didn't get a credit on the crew photos? Your caption could have appropriately been, "Mario took the crew photos. He doesn't know how to manipulate the lenses at the elite level yet. So, yeah, you know that's just a clean picture of All Pure Muscle, Baby!"