Monday, July 30, 2007

Discovery owns you.

Yeah I know none of you care about cycling, but I'm going to brag anyway. Discovery destroyed everyone. They won they yellow jersey, the white jersey, 3rd place, 8 place, and the Best Team Competition.

That's the winner drinking champagne on the last stage.

So my stepmother Therese visited me this weekend. We did a lot of Bostony things. On Saturday, I was wearing my Discovery Pro Cycling Team t-shirt, and the waiter asked enthusiastically if I was actually on the team. On Sunday I went to visit Therese's sister who lives out past Wellsely in West Natick. To get there, you take the T to the commuter rail, and then it is a $6 train ride -- not too bad; I really enjoy mass transit around here. Wellesley (the town) looks expensive.

By the way, if you're a male high school senior and you like girls, might I suggest Wellesley college. The school actually has to ship them in on weekends and drop them off either in the Yard or in front of the frat houses at MIT. If I weren't trying to maintain professionalism I'd make a joke about how their campus parties parallel the "Lynx - Billions" commercial (and then link to one), but I won't do that.


Anonymous said...

While on an audit 2 years ago for Belo, I drove from Boston to Providence, RI. I stopped in at Wellsley and walked around the campus. It is quite beautiful save for the quote by Hillary hanging in the pub. It was then that I left the campus.. :)


PS Smore says, "Miss you and see you this weekend. Are you taller? Can you bring me a present?"

yusufyusuf said...

ooo fransa bisiklet turu bayılıyorum yaaa... şimdi 1 yıl nası beklenir bu... sabırsızlanıyorum... dobing de olmasa iii...