Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fenway Franks and Chowdah

Today we hit the freedom trail, went to Fenway where the Red Sox just happened to be playing our hometown Texas Rangers, and then hit the last hour of the Chowder Festival. I voted for an amazing chowder with bacon in it which carried a real smoky flavor. It was so good I'll give it a plug and say that the next time you're in Boston you've got to go to The Fireplace and try the it out. It was actually a tossup between them and the U.S. Navy, no joke. One of their ships pulled into port, and they entered the contest -- and their chowder was actually amazingly good as well. It had shrimp and scallops in it.

To cap it off, Mario and I watched Rocky on the computer (I need motivation for getting up a 6:30am to go cycling/running/rowing/swimming). Speaking of which, I better get to bed.

(By the way, this picture is actually from last night when we watched a bit of that Red Sox/Rangers game from the top of the Prudential Center.)


Mario said...

Hey, Buddy!

Keep up with the "Rocky minus eggs" routine!

Mario said...

Yeah, the smoky flavor was excellent, but I voted for the USS Wasp's spicy chowder. But it's just a *little more difficult* to get to their restaurant!
Darn. I don't think they can pull into port in Dallas!