Friday, July 13, 2007

Final Exam and Facebooking

I already have my final exam for the first summer term in my possession. It is a lengthy take-home essay. It isn't technically due until Thursday, but I really, really want the first draft to be finished by the end of the weekend. That may be tough though, because I also have a case study I need to write up by Monday, and I'm also headed out to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow for almost the entire day and I doubt I'll get any work done then. Basically I'm just going to be working around the clock with the exception of the trip out to the Vineyard, is what I'm trying to say. Well, maybe there will be some exercise too. Tonight is the second installment of IM football out at the Rugby field, so I think I'm going to do that as well. Last week I may have broken my finger. It is hard to tell. It turned purple for a while, but I think it was just badly jammed.

Facebook is taking over the world. I'm surprised by how many people here from outside the U.S. are on it constantly. Interestingly, it was invented in my very dorm just a few years ago by Harvard undergrad and fellow Kirkland resident Mark Zuckerberg. I haven't come up with any billion dollar ideas yet and I've already been here for three weeks. A bit disappointing. Maybe it's "not the shoes" as they used to say about Michael Jordan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

indeed, even I am on Facebook too!

I'll send you a message through Facebook next week when I am back in Europe, right now I am busy busy busy... visiting NY... last day today... so many things to see here...

Guess what: I visited Harvard on Thursday, I took an early flight ot of La Guardia to Boston, took a cab straight to Harvard Square and just toured Harvard during the morning (Law School, Boat House, Charles River, JFK School, Yard, etc. and even eat at the terrace at Au Bon Pain next to the chess players...) and then went back to NY... you'll see the pics on my Facebook profile in a couple of days...



S.S.Stone said...

Good luck with that essay.
MV this time of year sounds great. Enjoy!