Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm going to be in a chess documentary

So I've been playing chess with a homeless guy in the square. It turns out that he's writing a screenplay for a movie, and in the mean time he's filming a documentary about his life traveling the country, living in the streets, and playing chess for money. It ends with him at the championships, where he's going to be competing in the under 1600 level. They're going to put in footage of me playing against him and they're going to interview me about my thoughts on chess, although I'm not sure whether any of the audio interview will be put in. He's here for another month and then he's headed up to Denver.


S.S.Stone said...

Interesting, but who won?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

that is great!

I still follow your experience by reading your blog, although I will not be able to make it to Session II.

I arrived yesterday in New York, first visit to the US, and I must say... waow! Fantastic! I will enjoy the next few days visiting this city.

Keep up the good work at Harvard,


Rick said...

He did! Maybe that's why he's putting the film in there ;)

Rick said...

Ah, that's too bad Woody, it would have been fun to meet up. I'm really glad you got to enjoy New York though. Who knows, maybe next summer? I will probably still be here.

Mario said...

Hey, Buddy!
Is that the same guy that shouts, "No Sexy Time!" whenever he takes your pieces?