Monday, July 23, 2007

New class is great

So I calculated my risk of contracting HIV from the accident (I'm a nerd and it is on my mind...what do you want?) and deemed the odds to be pretty small. If I take the absolute worst case scenario on every factor, I calculate a chance of 1.2 x 10^(-5); which is to say 1 in 120,000. There would have to be another accident of a similar nature every Saturday night for the next 10,000 weekends before I would worry, and that ignores any physiological factors such as the fact that I wasn't injected with anything; there was just blood on my arm. I have a blood pressure, which means that my body is pumping blood out, not sucking it in from outside, so the odds are quite low indeed (although technically non-zero). Either way, tomorrow morning I will get a free baseline test done. My bruises are pretty good sized, but other than I'm in great shape.

My class is good. The professor has a thick Indian accent, but I majored in computers for undergrad, so I'm used to it. In our class of about 50, their are students from 23 different countries. I think there are more Chinese than Americans, but not sure. What could be better for a class on international economic systems!? Case studies will be amazing. I love this class and can't believe this is my life. I can't believe I'm actually supposed to get up in the morning and study these things that I used to try to do in my free time anyway. The professor handed out two obscure articles to read tonight, and I had already read them both sometime in the last year because I love the subject so much. Tonight the science center is showing "An Convenient Truth" so I think I'll watch that instead.


Anonymous said...


How wonderful to be so absorbed in your class. It will be a good diversion.

Our CFO just became certified (medical emergencies) and I ran this by him. He suggested you are a hero (of course we knew that); that you do need to be tested for HIV and Hepatitis; and, that there is a notification system per the Ryan White law if someone is exposed to HIV.

That being said, I would suggest the idea of visiting with the doctor who tests you to advise him of your concerns. The Dr. can then contact the hospital where the girls went and pass on your request that your Doctor be notified if any of the girls had any communicable diseases. Your Dr. can then give you the information. It's worth a try. Due to HIPAA, it may not work but then again, due to the Ryan White law, it may work for HIV, at least.

Love you and have fun,

Mario said...

Well, Buddy, I guess this means that even "The Man of Steel" has to be careful and get tested, too!

Kick butt in your class, and we'll look forward to hearing a reminder of your heroics at Class Day! That white-haired old guy they had last year will have to take second billing. ;-)