Monday, July 9, 2007

Photos are up

Kendall T Stop, originally uploaded by Buffett Jr.

Okay, so I uploaded a whole slew of pictures to my Flickr site today, starting with the first day I began taking pictures and going up to the 4th of July. If you're interested, be sure to check them out.

So I was playing chess in the Square today, when all of a sudden two big, old Russian guys started yelling at each other in Russian, right there in front of everybody. Faces turned red, hands were shaking, then all of a sudden one guy pushed the other guy (Boris), and Boris came back swinging. They traded blows for a few seconds before some other guy who doesn't speak a lick of Russian got in between them and convinced one of them to walk away and cool off for awhile. Unfortunately, my friend Dean didn't think to get his camera out, as that would have been great footage for the documentary. I got a translation later that night. Apparently the one guy made what Boris thought was a very bad move, so Boris told him so. Things escalated from there into fisticuffs. I didn't catch all of what was being said, but I learned a lot of soviet curse words, and I learned that you can make a Russian guy get quiet by telling him you "are KGB."

You don't want to laugh at such things, but it was really amazing seeing these two big guys collide. It looked remarkably like two male Walruses fighting over females, only this time I don't think any women were interested. I managed to catch a quick picture of it though before it ended:


S.S.Stone said...

Visited your photos (flickr)-amazing shots inside the JFK Library.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Love the photos! I want that blowfish cake!

Mario said...

Hah! (make that a quiet laugh.) Combine the KGB comment with the favorite saying of that older Russian guy that plays there daily and you get, "No Sexy Time in the Gulag!"