Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Term paper time.

So I finished my case study yesterday with about two hours to spare. It was on the Boston public school system, and why it went bankrupt about 30 years ago. I'm happy to have it finished, but now I need to turn my attention to my term paper, which is worth 50% of my final grade. It is easily broken down into sections, so it is easy enough to plan it out (one section per day), but I'm already falling behind. I didn't work on it yesterday, so today I need to double up.

This morning I got up at 7 for "power yoga." I gained a new respect for yoga -- that was hard! In the weight room you just sling weights for seconds at a time, but in this class you have to hold your body up for 30 seconds or more. I haven't trained like that, so I couldn't do it because my muscles don't have the stamina. All of these 95 pound girls were doing all of these things that I wasn't strong enough to do.

I'm headed to the gym now, and I also have ballroom dance class tonight (yes, I'm serious). So today is an active day. Somewhere in all of that, I'll study and get to class too.

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Anonymous said...

Whaaaat? I'm so proud of you. I remember I couldn't talk you in to dance lessons for your wedding reception.. teehee.

Now, you can show me how to ballroom dance!!

We miss and love you,