Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to Dallas, added more Harvard classes.

La Guardia was awful. I stood in the check-in line for two hours. There were only four people checking in domestic flights for all of Delta...and then two of them went to lunch (a two-hour lunch). By the time I got to the counter, they had stopped checking in luggage for my flight. I ran and barely made it on board. When I got home, my luggage was of course nowhere to be found. Delta told me they'd drop it off between 10pm and 11pm, so I loved getting a wake-up call at 6am saying they were outside. So much for recovering on my sleep...and hey thanks for the heads up that you're on your way?

I spent another $3,000 today, this time signing up for two more classes for the fall. I'm going to take two classes through Harvard and one through Cambridge. I decided to structure it this way to make it easier to get my degree completed on time (on time being the end of next summer). I thought about setting up a module that totals how much money I've been spending because that's what makes the financial blogs popular, but I decided that would be a bit pretentious, which is not my intention.

I have three more days to get my affairs in order, and then it's off to bustling Kilimanjaro International Airport on Thursday morning. I can't wait!

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