Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flickr is the devil

I'm trying to upload my shots, but a bug they promised to fix last month says I never renewed my two year subscription. They refuse to talk to me because I cannot verify my account. They've already charged me, they just won't provide me the service. I can't verify my account because they ask for my birthday, and the one they have on file for me is wrong. So because I cannot guess the random, incorrect birthday they have, I may just lose all of my uploaded pictures and comments and may need to start a whole new account.

Thus, my apologies for the lack of pictures. I can still post a few to my blog directly, which is what I have been doing, but hopefully soon I will have the Flickr situation resolved and can begin uploading far more.

1 comment:

Mario said...

Hey, Buddy!
Amazing ... on more than one perspective. 1) Did the bug spray happen to travel with you? If not, I'm looking forward to your eventual Flickr section "Close Encounters of the Insect Kind". 2) You're actually hitting the internet and posting multipletimes from Africa! Seems like the IP there is transmitting faster there than Time Warner Cable here! 3) Lastly, I'll bet that if wealth could be measured in grace, humility and hospitality, the people there would almost all be millionaires!

I think I may have to stop addressing you as "Buddy", and start addressing you as "Jones!", as in "Indiana Jones". (... and Sarah as "Jonesette"!) :-)