Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Founded the Harvard chapter of the One Campaign

The one campaign is one of the larger charity groups hoping to help end extreme poverty in Africa. Bono is really the biggest voice for the group, but this is the organization with the black and white promotional photos of all the famous celebrities. The group hopes to see developed nations devote 1% of their income to foreign aid, and to see reform of the U.S. farm bill (I happen to be very much against the U.S. Farm bill and in fact just wrote my term paper on this very topic and how it affects the Tanzanian economy).

I'm bringing this group up because I recently founded the Harvard chapter of ONE, which to my amazement did not exist. For those of you on Facebook in the Harvard network, please join the group for the local chapter called ONE Harvard. You can also join the cause through Facebook. For every 100 people who join through me I will donate an additional $10 to the charity. Please cost me money!

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