Monday, August 13, 2007

Motley Fool offered me a job again.

I got a call from the Motley Fool. This time, they were offering what sounded like more of a full-time career position as an analyst for some of the newsletters. That is pretty much a dream job for me. I could think of almost no other work I would rather do...and yet I have declined. At some point I'm going to realize how crazy I am to continue to pass on these opportunities. Four years ago, I would have given anything for that phone call. I just have so much going on now, though. I have to take a shot at my big dreams. I have to carry out these plans. My thinking is that I will continue to be involved with the Fool, and if they like me now, they should still like me just as well with a Master's, MBA, and international experience. Still, it felt so weird to decline. I think I will try to ramp up my responsibilities there but without going full time.

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