Saturday, August 18, 2007

Movies, Bulls, Ground Zero

I have video of me walking on the roof of World Trade Center 1 about one year before the attacks. This is what is left of it today.
One of my goals was to get to ground zero before it was rebuilt, and I hadn't been back since 2000, so it was a really important moment for me when I got here. There are small buildings sitting inside for construction workers, and memorials on the fence all around.

After ground zero, I walked up to the Stock Exchange to see the building and the famous charging bull. I just love this statue so much.

In front of the Exchange, they were shooting some kind of movie or commercial. I couldn't resist taking a free model shot.

Man this city is exciting. I'm at a boutique hotel right in Times Square, and it's amazing. I went walking around at midnight last night and there were thousands of people everywhere. Tonight I'm hitting a house club with a group from school, and then it's back to Dallas in the morning to recoup and get ready to move overseas!

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