Friday, August 17, 2007

Now in New York City

Well that was fun. There's a Greyhound bus that runs every 30 minutes from Boston to NYC for only $15 (online, $30 in person). It is supposed to take 3.5 hours. Our bizarre bus driver kept getting lost...which is not easy to do because you just stay on a big highway all the way there. You stop when you see the tall buildings. He kept exiting the freeway and random times and then struggled to get the huge bus back on. Our bus ride ended up taking an unbearable 6 hours. The guys sitting next to me were completely hammered and screaming the entire way there -- only stopping to illegally smoke on the bus and hit on the Russian girls in front of them. I've heard stories about these shoddy buses exploding en route, but no such good fortune befell our group. Oh well, the important thing is we made it, although I'm too late to get to the stock exchange during market hours.

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