Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This isn't Disneyland.

The mood is a bit somber today. Yesterday was our first day at our placements and we recently finished up the second day (it is already 8 pm on Wednesday here). Up until now, the novelty of Tanzania had masked some of the real issues. It was all fun and games, as it were. Yesterday we began to realize that things are not so rosy and this really is a third-world country. The children can face some tough conditions. Among them are being beaten at school for misbehaving. Not disciplined or spanked, but really beaten. Sarah was wondering why they would walk behind the school at intervals throughout the day until she realized the schools have no bathrooms in the schools. Our roommate works in a hospital and I won't share the conditions there.

Sorry to leave on a down note, but I'm off with a big group to check out the nightlife.


tales_from_the_crib said...

hugs from home! hope that you guys find it to be rewarding and a good experience despite the conditions around you.

Therese Casterline said...

Hi Ricky,

I'm am blog-challenged. Sent you a long note the other day and apparently it didn't go through. So I'll see if this does and then write more.


Therese Casterline said...

Okay. I think that went through.

Well, we're really enjoying reading your e-mails. So glad you got your luggage. Glad to hear the airlines took care of you.

Dad didn't know how to "blog" either so I'll show him later.

Got a kick out of your living quarters and why they want to separate men and women. But living in one room with another couple sounds challenging also.

One of the wonderful things about mission trips is that one gains a true appreciation of how blessed we are at home. Just teaching will be such a growing experience for you both, as you'll find yourselves learning at the same time.

A man from our church wants to get in contact with you in the future to look into micro loans for their mission in Mexico.

Now I do want to say that I am so surprised to hear that asking you to clean your room as a kid is akin to climbing Mt. Kilamajaro. Had all of us parents only known :-)

Glad you got there safely and we'll be praying for you as more challenges arrive.


Mario said...

Hey, Therese.
Actually, remember, we all just used to equate getting into and navigating Ricky's room as we parents climbing Mt. McKinley! (We had the wrong reference point on the wrong continent!)