Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We got our luggage!

You should have seen the look on the baggage services guy's face when he asked where in London I'd like my suitcases delivered and I said "Kilimanjaro." The thing was, we didn't have one big ticket from Dallas to Kili, it was two separate tickets, so he had no idea we were headed somewhere after London.

United Airlines is awesome. I would just like to say that right now. A lot of people complain about airlines, and I'm sure a lot of people write nasty letters to them, so I will be writing a letter of praise. I can't believe our luggage arrived, and all in one piece too. We missed our flight with a competing airline to London, and at the last minute United gave us two tickets on their flight and said they would deal with the competitor. The luggage of course didn't know that and went to the competitor's terminal. United tracked down the luggage and even managed to get it put on a Kenyan Air flight and actually got it all the way to Kilimanjaro International Airport, where we picked it up. Amazing!

You would not believe how elated I was to receive my bags. I had been in the same clothes for 4.5 days in Africa. The first thing I did was take a hot shower with real soap and slip into some clean clothes.

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tales_from_the_crib said...

no bath for four and a half days? hey! mom! can i? please???