Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 5 – The Descent

We spent the night at Horombo (which is still 3,700 meters up), and today we needed to get all the way down. Sarah’s feet felt a little better after resting all night, but they still hurt. I felt much, much better after getting a night to recover at a lower altitude.

As the hike went on, Sarah’s feet got progressively worse. We made it down to about 2,500 meters where there was an emergency road, and an EMT vehicle picked us up and took us down to the park gate about 1,800 meters. We made it out alive, and we had reached the roof of Africa.

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Mom said...

My Son and Sarah,

I am speechless after reading about the journey up the mountain. Speechless because I can't imagine having gone through all that you did, and because it is so apparent how at risk you were from many levels.

I am so glad you are safe.

We all love you,