Friday, September 7, 2007

Intel School

Today was amazing. I went to a new university to teach (just for one day) called the Intel School here in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, and the students there were so smart and so enthusiastic. It was the first school to ever teach computers here, and today it is still the biggest. I couldn't believe how fun it was. They asked a lot of questions (some of which were actually quite difficult for me). This school is pretty expensive and since it is private, there are no student loans available from the government. Thus, the students had to pay the large student fees on their own. Because of this, I think the students who are there are very motivated to actually get something out of the arrangement. Half the reason I was asked to come though was because the students and staff really wanted to see an actual Macintosh. They had all heard of them and wanted to learn about them, but they have never seen one and have no way to acquire one. I spent the last hour of class doing tricks on my Macbook Pro. It was amazing. This computer impresses people back home, so you can imagine the reactions I got here. Every time I clicked on something, ten people would go "oooooh!"

After class, they were so enthusiastic that they were following me out the door asking me questions. One really smart man who asked a lot of questions even got my e-mail address as I was walking out. He doesn't have internet. He's getting my address so he can pay to be at an internet cafe just to ask me questions through e-mail. I wish I could go back and teach there again. Perhaps I will fine time in the afternoons. The professor said they would wait for me. I could come whenever I wanted and they would be there.


Mario said...
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Mom said...


I would pay to be in a class taught by you - Mac or no Mac!

Next time you teach at or go to Intel, please have a picture taken as I would love to see it.

To your journey,

Anonymous said...

thats good! Me i study here at intel moshi kilimanjaro (tz) welcome again!