Friday, September 21, 2007

Off to London

Few things in my life will ever be as good as the hot bath I took at the hotel last night. I have never seen that much dirt on a person in my life – not even after the safari through the dust bowl. I took a shower first just to get the first few layers off. Today, we head to London.

I am sad to be leaving, but I do think it is time to go. I think it is time for the next big adventure. It may be that I feel ready to go because I have been in the mindset that I would be leaving now. Had I elected from the start to stay for say eight or twelve weeks, I would have been preparing for that mentally and perhaps would be eager to stay, but as it stands I have prepared myself to head out today.

On the way up the mountain I was talking about how I wish I were staying longer, but after my fourth or fifth visit to a pit latrine, I half-jokingly told Sarah that I was “ready for jolly old England.”

I loved my time in Tanzania, and I absolutely plan to return. I’ve even thought about coming back and living here on my own volition for awhile. A big, gated mansion in the wealthy mzungu part of Moshi costs around $50,000. You also need about two guards on the premises, which will run you around $100 per month for each one. Maybe another $100 per month for your cook/grocery purchaser and you are up and running. I have to admit I’ve been scanning for business opportunities, and they seem to abound. We shall see what happens.

Goodbye, Tanzania. You’ve been a great friend, and we shall see each other again – though not on the mountain.

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