Saturday, September 29, 2007

Was there really travel before iPod?

I've heard such a vicious rumor, but I refuse to believe it.

The next time you travel, take your iPod with you. It offers so much to enhance your trip it is unbelievable. I have already hopped on iTunes and downloaded dozens of travel podcasts covering England, Scotland, Wales, and next weekend's destination -- Germany. Aside from podcasts covering the history of these places, there are also tons of walking tours and shows covering what's going on and upcoming events -- and it's all free!

These days, you can even usually find podcasts at the tourism sites of the destinations you're visiting. We're taking a trip to Ireland in two weeks, so I went to and loaded up with ten free walking tours on my iPod in the multimedia section.

If you have a photo or video iPod, you can also make your way over to iSubwayMaps and put maps of the subways you'll be visiting on your iPod as well.

If you're coming to London specifically, make sure you grab the National Gallery's podcast, which changes each time there is a new special exhibition going on and even includes photos of the works which are automatically downloaded right there on your iPod.

Take that, King Henry the VIII.

You know, it is interesting, each time you read about your country's GDP increasing in a given year, that is your life getting better. For all the wealth that a Rockefeller or a King Henry or George had, they didn't have modern medical care, they didn't have air conditioning, and they didn't have travel podcasts. Rejoice, for now is a great time to be alive.