Tuesday, October 23, 2007

At some point, you just have to laugh.

The death-by-a-thousand-paper cuts marches steadily forward. Today I needed to get a document notarized for my company. No big deal you say? Try having to trek to a specialized "notary solicitor" who performs all sorts of strange notarization rituals and then notarizes your document with special ribbons and a wax seal actually made from hot wax there in the office. Yeah. Total cost: $200. Apparently, they take notarizing documents a bit more serious in the U.K.

When I finally got home, I dropped my loving 60gb iPod photo on the floor. It worked for a good ten minutes and then froze up; now headed to that great Apple Store in the sky. I loved that thing. That was a Christmas present from Mikey. Sigh.


tales_from_the_crib said...

yeah, last time we got something notarized it was a rubber stamp and show us some phot id thing...not quite so easy there, huh?

Mom said...

Sounds like a witch doctor - only a notary. Hope he didn't cast a spell.

Love you.